Friday, 7 June 2013

Why Rabbits are Good Pets

In this post I am going to talk to you about the positives and negatives about why rabbits are good pets.

Positive factors:

  • They are good for people who want a small friendly pet.
  • They are quiet and ideal for condo's or apartments (make sure you are fully committed to looking after them though.
  • On average they live 4-7 years yet it will depend on how well you care for them as some can live for up to 18 years.
  • They don't bark, the only noise they make is a high pitched squeal when they are frightened or hurt.
  • They usually don't mind being petted or groomed.
  • They will take food out of your hand, especially as you bond and become closer to them.
  • They can be a full indoor pet as long as their cage is large enough. 
  • You can take them outdoors and but them a leash to do so.
  • They each have their own personality.
  • They sleep with their eyes open sometimes.
  • They are strong creatures.
  • You can train them.
Negative factors:

  • They may hurt themselves chewing a wire or your furniture if thy are indoors, due to the fact they like to nibble things.
  • They enjoy to dig.
  • Like all pets they may bite you.
  • They need to keep their claws clipped.
  • They need to be brushed regularly.
  • They can hurt you if they are on your lap and jump off and kick you.
  • They can sometimes have aggressive behaviour.
Personally, I find rabbits are good pets and would recommend you to have one if you are able to and have the space too keep them. Make sure you but them a good sized hutch and to keep them with lots of toys to play with. 

I hope you now understand why rabbits are good pets.

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