Monday, 3 June 2013

How to Groom a Long Haired Rabbit

Grooming a long haired rabbit may be very hard to do if you are unsure of how to do it. Below, I will list some ways and useful tips in which I would recommend you to use.

Their fur can make them look absolutely adorable, yet it will require daily grooming in order to keep it all looking nice.

Your bunny will normally shed a few times a year, although some do shed all year round.

If your bunnies fur becomes matted in places, over time it can become a large problem. They will become large clumps of fur which in some cases can make their movement be restricted.

If they are groomed properly, it can take up to around half an hour each day. Personally, when choosing a bunny, I would choose a short haired one, such as the one I currently own.

You may want to invest in a pair of clippers so you can keep their fur nicely trimmed down and looking very well kept. They are a safe way of removing clumps out of your bunnies fur. 

If your having trouble with clippers, you could try a pair of electric ones. These are said to work quite well.

You may want to use a comb in your rabbits fur as well. You can even use a human one as they will pick up any small matts to save you some trouble later on. Just make sure not to pull their fur too hard as it will cause them pain.

If they are completely covered in a ball of fur, like one giant tangle (which can occur within weeks) then I would recommend you going tot the vets to have this sorted out so it doesn't become a larger issue. Keep in mind, you may not want to go to the vets regularly due to it being fairly expensive to have this done, so you are going to have to stay on top of it your self.

I hope this post helped you to gain a better understanding about grooming a long haired rabbit.

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